Attractions in Semuliki National Park, Uganda

Safari Uganda to Semuliki National Park, dominated by the Ituri thick forest of the Congo basin. The Ituri forest is one of the ancient bio-diverse forest with a great ecosystem within the larger Albertine Rift ecosystem. As a result, the Ituri forest has a high diversity of plant and animal species and many micro-habitats.


Semuliki National Park has variety of Fauna; over 53 mammal species of which 11 mammals are endemic to the park. Uganda Wildlife safari game include; elephants, buffalos, chimpanzees, civets, hippos, grey cheeked manga bey, Mona monkeys, forest buffalo, bay duiker, Beecroft’s flying squirrel, pygmy flying squirrel, little collared fruit bat, water chevrotain, target rats, olive baboons, gentle blue monkeys, bush babies among the many.

Of the 1047 birds recorded in Uganda, Semuliki hosts over 435 bird species (43%) where over 40 species are Congolese and endemic to the park hence christening it the True birders Haven for those interested in Uganda birding safaris. Some of these birds include; the Albertine Rift Endemics such as the Dwarf Honey guide and Purple-breasted Sunbird can occasionally be sighted. Also, species with very limited ranges such as White-tailed Hornbill, Capuchin Babbler, Blue-headed Crested Flycatcher and the orange weaver occur in the park. The park also has about 300 butterfly species. With all these wildlife species found in the forest, it makes it suitable for Uganda wildlife safaris. Sempaya Ntandi Road This 6 km section of public road runs along one of the loveliest tracts of forest in Uganda and provides good views of birds and monkeys high up in the forest canopy. Birding walks take place in Sempaya as well as night hikes deep into the forest.

Sempaya hot springs

The Sempaya hot springs in Semuliki National Park are more adventurous, exciting and most famous attraction in the park. The male hot spring, also known as Bintente, measures up to about 12m in diameter while the female hot spring; Nyasimbi, meaning the female ancestors, is a boiling geyser which sprays bubbling water. This female hot spring steam up to two meters high and the steam cloud can be seen from as far as 2km away. Local people used to cook their food in these boiling pools and the exciting bit of it is that the food gets ready for consumption.

Visitors are also given chance to experiment egg boiling after since food may take long. Boiling the eggs takes around 10mins for them to get ready. Those who wish to consume them. This is one of the most Africa adventure safaris you can ever take.

Semuliki River

The 160 km long Semuliki river, transports runoff from the Rwenzori Mountains to Lake Albert and the Nile. The muddy river is home to hippos and crocodiles, the Semuliki is a small version of the Congo River. Visitors can watch the river meander across the rift valley floor from roadside viewpoints and hike through the forest to its bird-rich banks.


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