441 Reasons for a Birder to Visit Semuliki National Park

441 Reasons for a Birder to Visit Semuliki National Park

441 Reasons for a Birder to Visit Semuliki National Park

Are you a hardcore ornithologist or just a simple birding fanatic who is just looking for a stunning birding destination? Regardless of what you’re, it’s only right that you get that spectacular destination that will give a thrilling birding expedition you have been yarning for so long. If you get me then let’s get down to business as we make a Uganda safari to Semuliki National Park Uganda.  Getting to Semuliki National Park should really  be as easy as having a cup tea as it is located in Uganda which is found in the East African region on the African continent on the geographical coordinates of 00o40’39” N 30o03’40” E. Semuliki National Park lies 360km or 5-hour drive from Kampala city the capital of Uganda in Bwamba county in the southwestern district of Bundibugyo. Semuliki National park is bordered by Democratic Republic of Congo in the west, Ntoroko district in the north, Semuliki wildlife reserve in the northeast, mt Rwenzori in the south and Kabarole district in the east. Semuliki National Park covers an area that is found in the Albertine rift valley basin lying between relatively flat surfaces and gentle slopes with its highest point being 760m or 2,490ft above sea level and its lowest point being 670m or 2,200ft above sea level.

Getting Semuliki where it is today

The conservation journey of Semuliki National Park has been one full of trials and tribulations, successes and failures hence it has been anything but merry. Semuliki journey can be dated back to the colonial times of Uganda precisely in 1932 when the Imperial British government declared the area as a crown forest reserve, later on after about 6 decades in 1993, the government of the young republic of Uganda designated Semuliki forest reserve a national park covering an area of 220 sqkm to protect its rich bio-diversity.  Semuliki faced its toughest challenge yet between 1997-2000,  when this newly created park was at the center stage of the political instability that existed in the region of Bundibugyo district when the Allied Defence Forces rebel group over powered the park rangers and occupied the park offices but these were later defeated by the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces which is the Ugandan national armed force by the year of 2001 hence restoring peace and sanity in the park and the entire region at large.

The birding destination you should never fail to make in a lifetime

Given Semuliki’s perfect geographical positioning between the great Ituri forests of Congo, the low ranges of the Rwenzori mountains coupled with the savanna plains of the Albertine rift and with two river systems at its boundaries  i.e. Semuliki river on the Uganda D.R. Congo border and also river Lamia entirely in Uganda with both of them flowing into lake Albert, Semuliki becomes the perfect to place for an astronomical number of wildlife biodiversity to breed and thrive to the fullest of capacity. Its, therefore, doesn’t surprise that a safari Uganda to Semuliki National park puts you at the center stage of encountering several unique Uganda safari attractions in Semuliki National Park while on your Uganda tour here.

Some of the 441 reasons for you to visit Semuliki National Park

Some of these tourist attractions in Semuliki National Park that await you on your safari in Uganda to Semuliki include several of the 441 bird species in Semuliki of which 216 are truly forest birds, these include

  • Nkulengu rail,
  • Yellow-throated cuckoo,
  • Piping hornbill,
  • Black dwarf hornbill,
  • Red-billed hornbill,
  • Red-rumped tinkerbird,
  • African piculet,
  • White-throated blue swallow,
  • Maxwell’s black weaver,
  • Lemon billed crombec,
  • Orange checked waxbill,
  • Red-chested Owlet,
  • Bates’ Nightjar,
  • Chocolate-backed,
  • White-bellied and African Dwarf Kingfishers
  •  Red-billed Dwarf,
  • Spotted, Lyre-tailed
  • Zenker’s Honeyguides,
  • Gabon Woodpecker,
  • Red-sided Broadbill,
  • Green-tailed Bristlebill
  • Sassi’s Olive

Besides bird species Semuliki still offers other tourist attractions here such as  the 2 hot springs of Sempaya and a walk to these hot springs comes with very ear-catching local folklore story behind their existence which will leave you fascinated by the ancient natives level of intelligence which coined up this story, 53 mammal species that range from large mammals like forest buffaloes, elephants, civets, leopards, water chevrotains, the pygmy flying squirrel and 9 species of duikers are still up for grabs on your Uganda safari tour adventure to Semuliki National Park. Primatologists should expect to entertain by several monkeys species here like the grey-cheeked mangabeys, Ugandan red colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkeys and chimpanzees,. On the fringes of the park are 4 different communities of people i.e. the Batwa, the Bakonjo, Bwamba and Batuku Semuliki still caters for its visitors who are cultural fanatics.

With all these attractions at your disposal while on your Uganda wildlife safari to Semuliki expect to have an exciting safari in Uganda adventure as there are numerous Uganda safari activities in Semuliki national park besides birding. Some of these other tourist activities in Semuliki include Uganda cultural safari encounters with the Bakonzo and nature walks. In order for you to maximize your Uganda safaris tours experience in Semuliki National Park you need to make an overnight stay in any of the numerous Uganda safari lodges in Semuliki national park. Some of these Uganda hotels in Semuliki include luxury lodges like Semuliki safari lodge, Ntoroko game lodge, Kyaniga safari lodge which is located near Semuliki. Mid-range lodges that can be used while on a safaris Uganda to Semuliki national park include Kirumia guest house, Bumuga campsite.

The weather updates in Semuliki National Park

Given Semuliki’s successful marriage of both the great Ituri Congo basin forests that extend intoSemuliki from their eastern side with the truly tropical low land forests on the lower ranges of the Rwenzori, Semuliki integrates these 2 totally different tropical forests to come up with a blend of its own which is unique. The tropical rainforests of Semuliki are believed to be one of the oldest forests in East Africa as they are carbon-dated to have existed as way back as the Pleistocene age or ice age which dates back 25,000 years. These forests experience an equatorial tropical climate with an average temperature range of 18-200C, minimum temperature range is 17-20OC and maximum temperature range is 26-30oC. The annual rainfall amount received in this forest ranges between 1400-1900mm or 55-75 inches throughout the year with most of it received in two periods of double maximum between March-May and between September – December. The humidity levels range between 77-88% every day.

Who to contact for your Uganda wildlife safari to Semuliki National Park?

If you are interested in a safaris Uganda to Semuliki National Park there are various tour companies in Uganda that offer Uganda safaris tours to Semuliki for birding experience and these include Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd and Wild Gorilla Safaris

Here are of the Uganda safari Packages organised by these companies to Semulikii and other destinations





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