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Overview of the 1 Day Kibale Chimpanzee Trekking Safari in Uganda / 1 Day Uganda Chimpanzee Trekking Safari in Kibale Forest

 Are you looking for a short Uganda safari to do a  Uganda birding safari excursion around Fort Portal town? Here is a 1-day Uganda safari tour to Kibale that will get you traversing the jungles of Kibale as you enjoy Uganda bird watching safari spectacle as well as a guided nature walk in the Bigodi wetlands 

Kibale National Park is one of the destinations in uganda that are highly thought for on a uganda tour. This is so because Kibale National Park is gifted with a wide biodiversity that includes 13 primate species, over 350 bird species, 300 tree species and 200 butterflies species. Kibale National Park is located about 40 minutes drive from Fort portal and 312km from Kampala city the capital of Uganda. 

The highlights of the 1-Day Uganda Birding Safari in Kibale Park /1-Day   Birding Safari to Kibale National Park with a Guided Nature Walk

Transfer from fort portal to Kibale National Park. Engage in a morning birding session and guided afternoon nature walk.

Detailed itinerary of the 1-Day Uganda Birding Safari in Kibale Park /1-Day   Birding Safari to Kibale National Park with a Guided Nature Walk

This Uganda tours adventure begins with you waking up early in the morning and get yourself ready for an early pick up from your hotel in Fort portal. This puts you a short Uganda tour journey to Kibale Forest National Park which lasts about 40 minutes to get there. After having a briefing about the dos and don ts inside the park then kick off your Uganda birding safari expedition into the forest in the company of a professional and experienced guide who will lead you to numerous birding spots inside the forest. During this Uganda bird watching excursion, you will encounter several of the 350 bird species that are found here such as the Abyssinian ground thrush, African pitta, green breasted pitta, pin tailed whydah, grey parrot, Rwenzori appalis, Cassin’s spinetail, crowned eagle, dusky  Crimsonwing, western nicator, white-naped pigeon, yellow-rumped tinkerbird, sunbird. Brown illadopsis, and the great blue turaco.

Similar Uganda Adventures

If you are still interested in seeing many of these birds but you are not very near Kibale National Park, you can make a tour Uganda journey to another safari in Uganda destinations such as Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Semuliki National Park which is dubbed as the true birder’s haven for a truly thrilling birding expedition. To crown it all up,  Rwenzori mountains National Park and Bwindi impenetrable national park have the Albertine rift endemics which you might not see in Kibale national park such as the handsome francolin, Rwenzori turaco, regal sunbird, Rwenzori batis. If you decide to visit Semuliki national park, you are in for a magical magical encounter that will culminate into sighting several of the 441 bird species here which include some Albertine and congo biome species such as the Nkulengu rail. On you visit Semuliki National Park you get to stay at any of the various Uganda safari accommodation in Semuliki National ParkUganda such as such Semuliki Safari Lodge, Ntoroko game lodge and many more. Other tourists attractions in Semuliki National Park include Sempaya hot springs and the Bambuti people. On your safari visit to Semuliki national park Uganda, you get to engage in various tourist activities in Semuliki National Park like birding for starters, cultural encounters and nature walks 

After about 4 hours of birding in Kibale national park, you return to the centre and share of the birds you have spotted for future reference. Transfer to any of the numerous lodges that are found here for lunch and relax as you recover your energy for the next Uganda wildlife safari adventure which sees you transfer to Bigodi wetland located just at the fringes of Kibale National Park. Engage in a nice nature walk to over the wooden platform traversing the wetlands of Bigodi. Get to see some of the wildlife that exists here such as birds like the great blue turaco and you may come across some primates such as Vervet monkeys. The end of this activity concludes your 1-day excursion in Kibale National Park then embark on a return journey to fort portal town.

You can decide to extend you your short Uganda wildlife safari here in Kibale you will have a luxury of choosing from the multitude of Uganda safari accommodations facilities in Kibale forest national park such as primate lodge Kibale, Kyaninga safari lodge, crater safari lodge which will meet you upmarket or luxury accommodation facilities then for midrange standards, feel free to choose from Kibale forest guest cottages, Isunga lodge, chimpanzee forest guesthouse and many others.



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